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Pi Cruiser

Pi Cruiser

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Pi Cruiser: A Raspberry Pi Mobile Computing System

Pi Cruiser is a Raspberry Pi based learning system with an integrated mobile robot. It is the perfect kit for anyone who wants to experience the world of Raspberry Pi.

The kit includes a specially designed 5" touch screen, a wireless keyboard and mouse, two high torque continuous servo motors, a rechargeable 8.4V battery, a power management board, a breakout board with built-in LEDs and a push button, and sensors! Just add your own Raspberry Pi, and you will have a complete Raspberry Pi learning system. Get started programming in Python or Scratch right out of the box!

Kit Contents

A strong chassis to accommodate all parts with room for accessories

Two high torque servo motors

A custom 5" 800 x 480 LCD touchscreen display with HDMI interface

2.4 GHz wireless keyboard & mouse

Rechargeable 8.4V 3300 mAh NiMH battery

Anodized aluminum brackets and flanges

Power board

Breakout board that gives access to all pins

Ultrasonic sensor

Line tracking sensor array

Wheels and casters

LEDs and more

Note: Raspberry Pi and camera are not included. The image shown is for illustration only and the actual product may look different due to product enhancement.