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HexWear Driver Installation


  1. You must have admin right to install the driver. Login as administrator.
  2. Download the file exe from the following link: HexWear_Drivers.exe
  3. Double click the Install file, and check that HexWear is selected. Proceed by clicking Install.

 Arduino IDE Setup:

  1. Download Arduino IDE 
  1. Extract zip and open the directory (arduino-1.8.1-windows)

Note: Current dev package should work with versions 1.6.4+, tested on 1.8.1 

  1. Launch Arduino.exe & then open preferences (File->Preferences)
  • Copy the following link and paste in Additional Boards Manager URLs:


  1. Install the Gerbera Boards:
  • Tools->Board:->Boards Manager...

  • Filter Type to Contributed within drop down (Top Left)
  • Select Gerbera Boards by Red Gerbera (at the bottom); Install

  • Close the pop-up window 
  1. Connecting the HexWear board:
  • Connect the HexWear board to the computer via USB connection
    Wait for the board to be identified by your computer. It may take as much as 60 seconds when you install the broad for the first time.
  • Select Tools->Board:->HexWear (you have to scroll down)


  • The last step is to select the port to which the HexWear board is connected. This number varies, In our example, the port is 24.

Note: If none of the COM ports display a name (HexWear), the driver is not installed properly. Try to reinstall and/or restart Arduino IDE. If you are using an older version of the windows and if you encounter any issues, refer to the troubleshooting section to find how you can use an alternate method to reinstall the driver.

Note 2: The port will change if in bootloader mode; this is normal. You may have to change the port within Arduino IDE after initial upload. Double check the board is selected under Tools.